Developing Efficient Debt Finance for Renewable Energy and Social Housing Projects

Aether Energy’s objective is to structure, place and manage efficient, long-term financing solutions for institutional investors in the renewable energy and social housing sectors, globally.

These sectors are of significant interest to institutional investors due to their stable income profile, simple technology and relative certainty of cash flows.  Such investments benefit institutional investors as they try to:

  • match their long-term liabilities with long-term investments
  • find inflation-linked returns
  • meet their own socially responsible investment criteria

Development of the Carbon markets

Policy framework has at best been changeable and worst unhelpful to business trying to migrate infrastructure and energy production to low emission green alternatives.  A clear, stable, ambitious and cost-effective policy framework is essential to underpin the investment needed to deliver substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions by mid-century.

However the current strategy to reduce emissions in line with the 2°C goal agreed at the UN climate negotiations, continues to evade the global community. Progress at both national and international levels, remains inadequate and frustration with the process builds as the results make it clear the target is being missed.

The private sector invests trillions of dollars into infrastructure and energy projects, but, the goal of reducing GHG emissions does not guide such spending. Increased public and political scrutiny combined with a looming energy crisis increase pressure on policy makers.  A more effective approach is required, one that provides the right incentives to shift this private investment and makes best use of the limited pool of public funds. A market solution is required.

Putting a clear, transparent and unambiguous price on carbon emissions must be a core policy objective. Although there are a number of mechanisms that can be used to do this, businesses would focus on working through the market.  Business would prefer to utilise approaches such as emissions trading which offer both environmental integrity and flexibility for business and remove the need for frequent Government intervention.

Aether Energy believes the developement of a free market carbon price will reveal the most cost efficient pathway to existing emissions reduction goals.  It will also create the momentum needed to invest trillions over the mid term to migrate our global infrastructure to a green economy. Such increased ambition is vital if we are to prevent and reverse anthropogenic climate change.